Help your kids achieve their dreams

U‑Nest is a simple, intuitive, and accessible digital investing platform that helps parents and other family members save for children's college tuition and other education expenses.

We’re committed to helping families with any income achieve the dream of sending their kids to college.

  • Simplifies the process of creating a college fund using the most tax-advantaged account (529 plan)
  • Helps to grow your investment portfolio and gives a peace of mind about your kids’ future
  • Personalizes a savings plan for each individual child
  • Bank level security and trusted custodian
  • Backed by experienced financial advisers


  • What is U‑nest and how does it work?

  • U‑nest is your one-stop college savings app that is paperless, user-friendly, and easy to manage. A U‑nest College Savings Plan is designed individually for each child and grows tax-free over time.
  • Your savings can be used for:

    • K-12 (tax-free withdrawals up to $10,000 per year)
    • College Tuition
    • Room and Board
    • Books
    • Supplies
    • Computers
    • Qualified education expenses like
  • What are the benefits of using a college savings account as opposed to a regular savings account for my child?

  • Cash savings in a typical savings account loses value over time due to inflation.

    A U‑Nest College Savings Account grows over time due to investment returns and tax savings on the earnings that accumulate and compound. In addition, cash gifts from family and friends that are put into a U‑Nest Account also grows tax-free! Here are some additional benefits:

    • It is never too early or too late to start saving
    • Can start with as low as $25/month
    • Customized portfolios
    • Family and friends can contribute
    • Birthday and holiday cash gifts can be applied to your account
    • Tax-free growth
    • Tax-free withdrawals
    • Easy-to-use college savings calculator
    • Additional incentive for your kids to attend college
  • What happens if my child does not go to college?

  • Sometimes the future can be uncertain, but don’t worry! The beneficiary can be changed at any time to another family member, even yourself.
  • Will my account affect my student’s financial aid eligibility?

  • A U‑nest College Savings account will have a minimal effect on the amount of aid you receive and will end up helping you more than hurting you.

    A 529 plan is considered a parental asset on FAFSA, so it will affect how your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is calculated. However, your EFC will increase by at most 5.64% of your 529 assets, which is much lower than the 20% of student assets (like UGMA/UTMA accounts).

  • Do I need to be a resident of a specific state to invest?

  • The plan will be available to anyone, and you don’t have to be a resident of a specific state. There is no substantial difference in the benefit for residents and non-residents, and you will get access to the best investment options through a U‑nest College Savings Account.

    Saving for kids’ college is easier than ever before!

You think about your kids Today. We think about their Tomorrow.