Our Mission

When it comes to our kids, no one understands our worries, hopes, and dreams as deeply as another parent. We all have the same goal for our kids: we want them to succeed. Education is the key to the successful future of our children.

However, rising college costs and mounting student debt have fueled concerns among parents about the affordability of education. For many families with young children, the pursuit of higher education seems out of reach. Moreover, saving for college has always been a confusing, time-consuming, and complex process.

Our mission is to make parents’ dreams of sending their kids to college come true. We believe that every family deserves this opportunity, and higher education should be financially feasible for everyone, not just the wealthy. We understand that there are so many things for parents to worry about, and now saving money for education doesn’t have to be one of them.

Dad with a son on his shoulders kisses his pregnant wife
Dad with a son on his shoulders kisses his pregnant wife.

Our Story

I still remember the day when I got a strong feeling, an almost burning in my chest, that I wanted to change things from the way they were. It was a typical morning at our corporate office, where I used to work at one of the world’s largest investment management firms. We had a meeting with our client, who wanted to find out how she could secure a future of her young kids.

We spent over two hours explaining the benefits of the 529 college savings accounts, guiding her through the questions, and helping complete a 15-page long financial application to open the college savings accounts.

When the client left, I couldn’t stop thinking how great it would be to find a simple way for other parents to secure their kids’ future and get an easy access to the same level of financial advice.

As a mother of three young children, I know that everything we do in life, we do for them, and all parents want a better future for their kids. However, there are so many families who are left out due a lack of information, mistrust in the financial industry, and complexity associated with the process. What if with my financial tools, experience, and education I could help people in need? With this in mind, U‑Nest was born.

Ksenia Yudina, CFA, MBA
Founder and CEO

Our Company

U‑Nest is an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile app that in minutes establishes and manages a “529 College Savings Plan” for your child. U‑Nest makes the complex process of setting up and investing over time with the appropriate 529 Plan incredibly simple.

To identify the optimal 529 plan to use for your child, the team of financial experts at U‑Nest looked at hundreds of possible 529 plans from various financial institutions and State providers to pick the best plan for your family.

Your college savings plan is constantly optimized behind the scenes to ensure that your money is invested in the smartest possible way given the age of your child (and when they expect to need the money for their education) and the expected risks and returns of stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles.

Toddler blond long hair girl playing hide and seek hiding behind a U-Nest logo.