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  1. Open an account in under 5 minutes
  2. Create a savings plan for your child
  3. Enjoy the growth of your account and tax benefits
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Set up an account in 5 minutes

You don’t have to worry about filling out long and confusing financial applications - setting up your account is fast and paperless!

Tax-Free Growth

Your investments are expected to grow by a rate of return, which far exceeds bank savings account returns. And best of all – all the growth in your account is tax free!

Peace of Mind

U‑Nest picks the best tax-advantaged education savings plan for your child based on your child’s age and when they will need the money for their education.

Low pricing

Traditional financial advisors who set up education savings plans for their clients can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars – U‑Nest accounts are only $3/month.

Friends and family can gift

Your friends and family can easily contribute to your child’s education savings account around birthdays and other holidays – leading to even faster growth! (Coming Soon)

Minimum investment of $25/month

Every dollar will help your children achieve their education goals – you can begin investing with as little as $25 a month.

College calculator

U-Nest testimonials customers are happy about the app.
“I have four kids in college. I wish 529 plans were more advertised 21 years ago.”
“How many options are out there to save up for my babies’ future? I’m so confused... I just want my kids’ financial future secured.”
“I have 100k in student loan debt and it’s hard to start saving for my son’s college. But I know I need to begin somehow, so he doesn’t have to experience what I had to go through.”
“What does anyone want? In any part of the world? Better life for their kids.”

Security is our priority

Bank-Level Security

U‑Nest uses bank-level security to keep your sensitive financial data safe. We use the strongest browser encryption (265 bit) and secure servers monitored 24/7.


Your information is secure and confidential and only used for the purpose of creating an account. We implement identity verification services to protect your personal information.

Trusted Financial Advisors

U‑Nest is registered with SEC and is fully regulated. Your investments are managed by Invesco, one of the world’s largest investment management firms. You can check registration here.

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You think about your kids’ TODAY.

We think about their TOMORROW.